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About us

Our story

Our story started several years ago, when we began to receive a large number of requests from abroad about doing business in Armenia, understanding the Armenian market, specifications, and regional norms. We helped over 100 investors and businessmen become a part of the Armenian business environment by having a significant impact on the Armenian economy's development. We went further, and here we are, with the final understanding that you, as our client, require a comprehensive platform where you can find everything related to doing business in Armenia, and even more. We are experts in the Armenian market, which allows us to delve into each cell you're interested in. Our main value is our ability to meet the needs of our clients from A to Z by providing quality and consistency.

Our mission

Our mission is to assist customers in achieving their business objectives in the Armenian Republic by providing innovative, best-in-class suggestions, IT solutions, and services. To make it a joy for all stakeholders to collaborate with us.

Our vision

To become a reputable company, which will be a bridge between Armenia's and the world's large and SME businesses. We believe we can provide our customers with the best business offers and solutions through our professional and exclusive customer service.

Our values

Integrity - We never compromise on matters of ethics.
Independence – We maintain an independent perspective.
Innovation - We take a visionary approach to problem-solving.
Completeness - We provide customers with a complete journey from A to Z.


Arpi Hayrapetyan Co-founder, CEO B2B Armenia.

Your business assistant in Armenia. Our specialized team has years of experience and valuable industry connections. We cultivate relationships and concentrate on how to keep you on track and profitable in your business for years to come. We are here to assist you with everything you require in the Armenian business environment.

Who we are/Our Team

Our team is more than a team because we created a platform for industry experts to collaborate in order to meet our customers' needs quickly and professionally. This proves that we are very confident and competent in all areas of the Armenian market, allowing us to identify our customers' essential demands from the very first interaction. We present all the possible solutions by turning the difficulties into opportunities. We personalize each plan to match each client's goals and show them how to implement tried-and-true strategies and procedures to help them achieve their maximum potential. B2B Armenia is a platform that provides complete business solutions to foreign individuals, businesses, and investors interested in the Armenian business market. Unlike other companies that specialize in one or two spheres, B2B Armenia provides A-Z business solutions in any sphere of the Armenian market.

What clients say

Nothing makes us happier than happy clients.
David Gerard Founder
I am delighted to have met B2B Armenia at the right time. They organized every aspect and detail of establishing my business in Armenia. The expert team could provide a smooth and quick process to meet all your requirements.
Bridgette Stahlman Executive Director
Everything is done in a very professional and confidential manner. I can honestly say that there have been a couple of occasions when we couldn't find the information we needed anywhere, but B2B experts did an excellent job in a short period of time. I'm glad to see that our collaboration has evolved into a partnership.